"The ancients wrote of the three ages of man; I propose to write of the three ages of the fisherman. When he wants to catch all the fish he can. When he strives to catch the largest fish. When he studies to catch the most difficult fish he can find, requiring the greatest skill and most refined tackle, caring more for the sport than the fish." 


-Edward R. Hewitt

Fly Fishing the South Platte
Fly Fishing the South Platte
Rio Grande Gorge at Red River confluence
Red River Gorge on a December afternoon
Afternoon fishing on the Chama below Abiquiu

Explorations - Endorsements

In our travels we've fished with a lot of different guides and stayed at lodges that are we'd like to share with you.

Landon MayerLandon Mayer
Flourisant Colorado
We were first introduced to Landon Mayer at a Truchas Chapter TU annual fund raiser in 2011. Sandie made arrangements for us to fish with Landon the following April. We spent a couple of days fishing the South Platte River between Spinney Mountain Reservoir and Eleven Mile Reservoir - commonly known as the "Dream Stream". Fishing with Landon is productive and educational. Most of what he writes about in his books are put into practice with his clients. I learned a lot and caught a bunch of beautiful trout. You've got to book early. Not surprising, he is highly sought out, both as a guide and as a presenter around the country. I mistakenly tried to put together a spontaneous trip in January, only to find out that I was competing with fly fishing shows and club presentations. Landon writes for many fly fishing publicaitons and he is the author books like "Sight Fishing for Trout" and "Colorado's Best Fishing", both packed with tons of useful information about fly fishing. Many of the mysteries of nymphing properly are well explained and serious trout fishermen that want to be successful without a guide should read his books.