"Most of the world is covered by water. A fisherman's job is simple: Pick out the best parts."

-Charles Waterman

Places to Stay

Your choices of places to stay in the Pecos area are relatively limited and some places require quite a bit of advanced booking. If you want to stay in a hotel, you'll have to stay in Santa Fe and there's an abundance of choices and price ranges. It's only a 25 minute drive from Santa Fe to our school.



Pecos Cabins (formerly Mark Rents Cabins) 505 757-2784


Email: pecoscabins@gmail.com

For decades, Lela and Mark McFerrin owned several cabins between Windy Bridge and Tererro. Mark Rents Cabins changed management to Jennifer and Richard Roybal in 2017 and was renamed Pecos Cabins. Our first vacation in the Pecos River Valley was a week in the Holy Ghost cabin across from the Tererro General Store. The McFerrin's have been downsizing their business in the past few years and most of the cabins that we have stayed in, the Trout Lodge and Haven, Pablo's Cabin and Holy Ghost Cabin have new owners. Of the original The Roybal's manage Hap's Hideaway, Mary's Place, and the Veranda at Windy Bridge. They're a great place to stay. Each cabin is fully equipped and has everything you'll need to enjoy a long weekend or an extended stay in the mountains.


Pecos River Cabin Retreats 505 757-8752


These guys are located in the Village of Pecos along the river, less than a mile east of the four way stop in Pecos. Several of our clients stayed here when they've scheduled a class with us and have been happy with the accommodations and the convenience to our school.


Pecos River Cabin 520 940-0424


This cabin is nestled by the river at the corner just before the Windy Bridge river crossing. We stayed here one week when there wasn't any place with the McFerrin's. We later found out that the McFerrin's actually owned and lived in this cabin for a while. It's very nice, but it's limited to two people.


Los Pinos Guest Ranch 505-757-6213


Los Pinos Ranch

This historic ranch has been around for over a century, originally owned by Amado Chaves and family and now owned by the McSweeney family since 1965. Listed as a Registered Cultural Property by the State of New Mexico. It's located at the center of all that is wonderful about the Pecos Valley. Located 20 miles north of the Village of Pecos, at the end of NM-63 in Cowles. It overlooks pastures and meadows that surround Pancheula Creek and the Pecos River, with splendid views of Round Mountain and Grass Mountain.

Open from June 1 - September 30


Wilderness Gateway Bed and Breakfast 505 757-2801


This bed and breakfast is located all the way up the valley near the end NM-63 just before you drive into Cowles. The location couldn't be more spectacular for views and access to hiking, fishing and enjoyment of nature. It is located 20 miles up the valley from Pecos, so jaunts into Santa Fe take about an hour.


Pecos Trail Inn 505 982-1943
2239 Old Pecos Trail - Santa Fe NM 87505


This place is located on the very edge of Santa Fe on Old Pecos Trail, about a mile from Interstate 25. It's the closest place to stay in Santa Fe to our school. Prices are reasonably for the area. Added benefit: It's only 5 minutes away from Harry's Roadhouse.